“HAY! Don’tchall have an ice hockey team?”

That’s usually the question I get because almost always, I’m wearing Something hockey related and it jogs a local persons memory which begets the aforementioned question. No, I’m honored for those times when, visually I appear to know something about an actual sport. And, believe it or not, I enjoy when the person I’m talking with is either a hardcore team groupie or at least has the same passion for the game that I have, we’ll typically exchange contact info and become virtual friends.

Then there’s the flip side, just you average person wanting to expand their overall knowledge so he can sound “in the loop” when he tells his friends everything he learned. This doesn’t bother me at all, I have no stake into the success of this ruse, I just hope something at some point clicks and they fall in love with the sport and start to pay attention for themselves…that’s where the magic starts to happen, you get passion!

Neither person above is better than the other, at least in my eyes. I look at this all as, you like ice, sticks, pucks? You like playing together as a team and retaliating when someone picks on one of your own? You’re not a showboat, a bit of a mystery, quiet and humble? Then we’ll get along just fine.

Moving on, how is our Dallas Stars affiliated hockey team, the Texas Stars, doing here in our town of Cedar Park? Short answer, quite well!…#1 in the league but there’s still more road to travel and those in the rear view mirrors are quickly approaching getting hungrier by the day. Our goalie depth has been better but we have some record holding defense and penalty kill soldiers and speaking of, Colton Sceviour is the top scoring sniper in the league! I have a lot of our coaching staff, we’re not playing dump and chase, there are some great formations and executions going on out there and you can visually see the bafflement on the other teams faces.

So in closing, win or (rarely lose), the stars have been playing TOP LEVEL NHL hockey. Dallas notice
<blockquoteedthis early and snagged a few players who are thriving for the most part but when watch the see men play ice boxing, you'll see finesse and silky plays that make it look easy, j

    St don’t be one of those “AH CMON, HOW COULD YOU MISS THAT?” Guys because believe me, if you hang on the ice for mor than 10 seconds, you would already been drafted.

    Oh yeah, Gazdic got drafted to the Edmonton Oilers. No worries for two reasons, 1. He deserves it and 2. If he gets sent to their AHL team, the Oklahoma Barons, we play them. A lot. 🙂


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