Get in the moment!


First day back at work from a 2 week vacation (praise God)! Just a disclaimer before i saying what I have to say, there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures and/or shooting videos of your family, especially on vacation. Over the past few years, I myself became a bit…excessive with trying to create the perfect moment or capture the perfect shot to the point to where it didn’t feel like I was there with my family.

I chose not to view my vacation looking through a 3.5 inch screen this year and I’m actually glad I took fewer pictures than ever. I made an intentional effort to keep my phone in my pocket and experience the time with my family. Sure, I did my share of posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram, but I didn’t let it dictate what we were doing or how we were doing it, I just had fun with my family.

Again, not knocking you if you took a thousand pictures on your weekend getaway, just sharing a decision I made that brought me great joy as I sit back and reflect on the valuable time with my family this summer.



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