Hockey Countdown – 89 Days!

I wanted to start a new blog series counting down the days until the puck drops for the Texas Stars in Cedar Park, TX. I also wanted to use it as an opportunity to allow those that don’t follow all of the Texas Stars news to stay in the loop on who the players, coaches, etc. are this year.

Starting out with this entry, I’d like to introduce a brand new Texas Star, #89: Tyler Sloan! From

“Tyler Sloan is a 31-year old defenseman, most recently of the Milwaukee Admirals, where he compiled one goal and nine assists in 62 games of service. Sloan has played in the NHL with the Washington Capitals, putting up four goals and thirteen assists over 99 games. Sloan was on a two-year contract to the Capitals from 2010-2012, but had the last year bought out and became a free agent this time last year. He signed a two-way with Nashville and was assigned to Milwaukee.

Sloan has played 467 regular-season games between the AHL and NHL. He also spent some time with the Las Vegas Wranglers under Coach Glen Gulutzan.”

If my calculations are correct, this would make Tyler one of the more veteran hockey members on the team which might earn him the “C” (captain) to wear on his jersey. I would much rather the “C” to go to other, more tenured Texas Stars like Wathier or Morin, but that has yet to be seen. Otherwise, it looks like Sloan will be a welcome addition to the roster and his experience within the ranks will help give the Texas Stars some much needed mentorship and presence out on the ice as they recover from a battered season.

Welcome to the club, Tyler!


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