It’s going to take a miracle…

Well, the Texas Stars are eliminated out of the playoffs (note: at least they WERE 1st to reach last place in the Western Division, but I don’t think they award that) and unless the following happens, the Dallas Stars will be eliminated as well (from ESPN):

“Here’s a look at how the Stars can catch each of the teams they are still chasing the Western Conference playoff race. The Stars would only need to tie each team in the standings since they would own the first tiebreaker, which is regulation/overtime wins.

Los Angeles: The Stars would have to win both their final two games and the Kings would have to lose both their two remaining games against San Jose in regulation.

Phoenix: The Stars would have to win both their final two games and the Coyotes would have to lose their two remaining games, which are at St. Louis (Friday) and at Minnesota (Saturday).

San Jose: There are two ways to catch the Sharks. The Stars would have to win both their final games and the Sharks would have lose their remaining two games against the Kings and at least one of those losses would have to be in regulation. The second scenario is that the Stars go 1-0-1 in their remaining two games and the Sharks lose both their games against the Kings in regulation.”

So yeah, you’re reading that right…we’re hoping that certain teams lose so we can tie for a playoff spot…

This has been a heartbreaking season for both the AHL and NHL Stars teams as the Texas Stars came out of the gate on fire in the pre-season but lost 6 out of 7 of the first games and would continue with the “win one, lose a few” trend throughout the year. They say you don’t win the cup in November, but you can sure lose it. There were some 3 win waves but they were often met with 4 loss slides.

Once winter hit in Central Texas (ha, winter and Texas in the same sentence), the Texas Stars couldn’t quite maintain their footing as the slide, call-ups and injuries mounted.

Dallas was a bit of a different story, most of the season Dallas was within striking distance of a playoff spot and at times sat at 1st or 3rd place in the Western Division, but we know that all teams have been fighting hard for that playoff spot in the WD and a few losses and other teams getting the W’s they need can turn the standings upside down in an instant.

At this point, I’m just going to enjoy the games for what they are. I have tickets for the remaining (Texas) Stars games and I know those guys are going to do the best they can for the fans (as Gazdic tells below). I appreciate that several of our Texas Stars were called up to Dallas, some for short stints and others for long-term contracts.

For Dallas, I hope everything goes in our favor, it’s going to be a long summer as is, let’s not make it any longer than it has to be.


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