SOAP Day 194

S: “As the ark of the covenant of the lord was entering the City of David, Michal daughter of Saul watched from a window. And when she saw King David dancing and celebrating, she despised him in her heart.” (1 Chronicles 15:29)

O: This scripture stuck out to me as it feels very relevant today with how God and Christianity is viewed, but it’s also apparent that it was relevant some 2,000+ years ago. Not everyone is as excited as you are about your love for God! I don’t think this is a revelation to anyone but it does serve as a reminder to me on how I should respond to the “Michal’s” of the world who want to extinguish our love for God and worshipping him.

A: Jesus called us to love one another and that is simple enough to understand that we are to love believers and non-believers alike. But what strikes me about Michal in this story is that, I don’t think she’s a non-believer. I just think she’s doing like some Christians do and judging or criticizing the way other Christians worship and show their love for God. It doesn’t mention whether David noticed her or not, I’m hoping he didn’t. I say we don’t let anyone’s critical eye getting in the way of how we show our love for Jesus or let others impact our worship life.

P: Father God, thank You for everything that You have given us, especially such wisdom such as the Bible. Thank You for leading and loving us every single day, even though we are not worthy. I pray that You continue to work in the lives of all of us and help bring us closer to You and Your son, Jesus and especially help us bring others to You. I know You long for a relationship with all of us and I pray for the day when all of us will strive for a relationship with You. It is in Your name that we give this praise, Amen.


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