Break the chain!

Break the chain!

In this picture we see Josiah destroying pagan altars. What’s so significant about this? Do you know the story of Josiah and the land of Judah and the rulers before and after Josiah? I didn’t either until this morning when I read Day 185 of my 1 year bible reading plan!

In the land of Judah, there had been many kings since David (a man God loved) that were evil, wicked and pretty much went from bad to worse reign after reign. That is until an 8 year old was appointed ruler (Josiah) and, upon hearing about God’s word and learning God’s word, was he forever changed and became pleasing in the eyes of God. Josiah destroyed the pagan altars and flushed the land of all evil and the people prospered, were finally at peace until…the next ruler stepped in and started the cycle again of ignoring God and His desire for a relationship with us.

Josiah had to go back about 13 generations to find a decent role model! What kind of legacy are you going to leave for others, perhaps your children, grandchildren and anyone else? Maybe you weren’t “raised in the church” or your family never talked about God or the bible? That’s ok, even those that come from seemingly religious upbringings are often no better than someone who never knew God. If this is you or you want to be like Josiah and experience what you’ve been missing out on, break the cycle, get to know Jesus, start a relationship, then read on to learn how to get started!

Find a church, one that teaches the bible (here are a few suggestions) or you can even listen online to podcasts on the way to work or just simply open your bible (here’s a great free one) and start reading. I strongly suggest a reading plan (I tried reading the bible cover to cover once when I was very lost and it just didn’t do much for me except confuse the heck outta me!), but break the chain, break the silence and come to Jesus. He’s been patiently waiting with open arms and no matter your upbringing, your previous beliefs or sins you’ve committed, He will forgive you and you will experience life like you never have before!


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