SOAP – Day 163

S:And he said, “Well, how could I, unless someone guides me?” And he invited Philip to come up and sit with him.” (Acts 8:31 NASB)

O: I’m reading the story from Acts 8 25-40 known as “An Ethiopian Receives Christ”. The story describes Philip (a disciple of Jesus) hearing from an angel of the Lord to depart from the group of disciples he was traveling with and follow a desert road. Following God’s word as we all should, Philip did just that and came up on a chariot where an Ethiopian eunuch was reading the bible and having a hard time understanding the scripture. Ever been there? I know I sure have and usually am daily, but the point to this story that stuck with me is, as disciples that you and I are, there are many people struggling with the bible, scripture, etc. and we (you and I) should be the ones to start those conversations with people and help them understand as much as we can.

One of the things Philip did in this situation was just sharing the gospel of Jesus. We can certainly do that when maybe we’re struggling with a passage or scripture ourselves, so just keep that in mind.

Another thing that sticks with me in this passage is the description of the man Philip was called to go meet and talk with. Firstly, I see 1×1 discipleship. Next is Philip going out of his way, meeting the man where he is. Then I see an open approach to helping the man (“what questions do you have”) and lastly, I see Philip lovingly help the man come to Christ. What a great example for us all, to seek the lost, find the lost (where they are) and help the lost (openly and lovingly).

A: What I will strive to do more of is prompt those conversations and help people understand what they’re reading. Even if it’s just sharing what we both think it’s about, it’s awesome to talk about and hear what each person “gets” out of a certain passage. We are called to share and spread the good news, let’s not just sit idly by and miss these opportunities.

P: Father God, thank You for everything that You have given us and everything that You do for us. Your grace alone is all we need and when You empower us with wisdom, mercy and guidance, then You are truly blessing us with more than we deserve. Thank You for all of Your provisions and please help show me opportunities where I can share Your word, share the good news and help lead others to Your kingdom. Amen.


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