SOAP – Day 138

S:2 Why do the nations say, “Where is their God?” 3 Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him. 4 But their idols are silver and gold, made by human hands.”

O: I’m just going to be transparent here, but as a weak and/or uneducated believer, I used to ask questions such as, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”, “How could God let this happen?” and/or, “Where was God in all of this?”. While I still feel like a toddler in my faith, I am so relieved to finally have comprehension and understanding with these questions but more importantly, sympathy and ice-breakers when I hear others asking these same questions.

A: I have to constantly remind myself that God is going to do what He’s going to do, not what I or someone else wants to happen. And with that, we need to take comfort that He is in control (thankfully) and His will is always going to lead to good things.

P: Father God, thank you for everything that you do for us and everything that you don’t do for us. Please continue to have YOUR way, to do YOUR will for what is YOUR desire.


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