SOAP – Day 136

Day 136 of the 1 Year Bible SOAP:

S: “Death and Destruction lie open before the lord— how much more do human hearts!” –

O: I remember being a child and feeling so ashamed after I lied or did something bad. I would often hide in my closet or under my bed, thinking God couldn’t see me. I laugh thinking about it now, but I know I’ve lived a long time thinking that, if I can put on a good “mask” on the outside and not reveal what I’m really thinking…what I really want to say or what I really want to do, then no one would know these thoughts. Pretty foolish when I look back at this verse and know that the most important person knows my thoughts.

A: I have often prayed for a “heart transplant”. Not a physical one, but for God to come into my heart and blast it clean, give me a new one, do whatever He can to illuminate every crack and crevice where darkness may be hiding in my heart. Knowing that our thoughts, acts and words flow from the heart has allowed me to examine my reactions and work on fixing the source of my thoughts through prayer and obedience so that the end result shines through.

P: Lord, come into my heart today, shine through with your glory, your grace and your mercy like a mighty lighthouse. Leave no space hidden, no shadows and no dark corners. I want your light to shine out of my heart so that it affects everything I say and do today. Please use me as your vessel to spread Your word and to help draw others to you.


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