Trying out SOAP for the first time ever!

My pastor turned me on to SOAP, no, not the kind you put on the outside of your body…this is more for cleaning the inside of you! Read the link above if you’d like more information on it, here’s my use of it below. I’m looking forward to trying this out on a frequent basis, let me know if you use it or have any feedback!

Day 134 of the 1 Year Bible SOAP:

S: “But I did obey the lord,” Saul said. “I went on the mission the lord assigned me. I completely destroyed the Amalekites and brought back Agag their king.

O: Sometimes I think that the things I’m doing, the way I’m worshipping, the way I’m spreading His word, the way I’m acting and/or the way I’m appearing to others is pleasing to the Lord. But what this verse tells me is that there is nothing more important that obeying. In the end, Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, involvement with this or that group/event, circles of friends, etc. is not going to matter. What will matter is, did I follow God’s commands with full obedience?

A: I need to be careful and reflect on the things I say & do and ask myself if this is obeying God’s word or am I doing what I think would be pleasing to God?

P: Lord, help give me the obedience and wisdom to do what is right and to silence my old ways of understanding what is pleasing to you.


One thought on “Trying out SOAP for the first time ever!

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