Proverbs 16:1-2

I’m loving the series my church is doing right now titled, Resolution Revolution. It’s very insightful and informative to study a book of the bible together with a large group of people and see what everyone is getting out of it. I’ve read Proverbs before, but never applied it directly to my life, especially using the training plan we’re using and applying SMART goals to the areas I want to change in my life. If you’re struggling with a particular topic in your life, I suggest you give it a try, check out the training plan details here:

One area I’m working on in my life is the topic of “Freedom”. Freedom from the things in life that snare me in and take me away from prayer, devotion and meditation. My SMART goal for this month is such: Before anything else, to start my day in the Word for the next 30 days in a quiet place so that I may soak up and listen to the wisdom to help me make wise choices.


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