Tech Tuesday: How to – Be notified of free iTunes content!

I was so excited to write this, I really wanted to tell everyone of a cool new-ish song by the band, New World Son. Their latest single, “There Is A Way” is soulful, energetic and inspiring with the lyrics. I previewed the album and the rest of it is right up there with single, very solid and one of 2010’s top releases in my opinion, regardless of your musical tastes or taste for “Christian” music. A lot of the comments I’ve read about this song and album start out with “I didn’t even know this was a Christian band!” or “I don’t really care that they’re a Christian band, this is great music!” which I find pretty funny because a few years ago, I thought ALL Christian music sounded like Amy Grant or Michael W. Smith…not really my cup of tea (though talented people), but you (hopefully) see what I’m getting at….right?

So, back to the excitement of writing this…I had heard this song on K-Love and was prepared to buy it off of iTunes when I noticed it was being offered as a free single! I quickly downloaded it and checked back often on iTunes to see if it was still there and to best of my memory, it was still there last week, but now it’s gone. So I want to share a way that you can keep up with new free releases on iTunes in case great Christian content comes up again (it’s rare, so you gotta be quick about this stuff).

What you’ll need:  iTunes, a free RSS reader (most web browsers including Apple’s Safari has this built right in, an internet connection


Pretty simple, right? Well, while researching a few points here, I noticed people have made it even easier by creating tutorials and even blogs that already do most of this work for you, gotta love the internet, right? 🙂 I do encourage you to check these sources out, they are helpful and should help make this process easy:

Regardless, the song is well worth the .99 cents, so pick it up if you like the preview, hope you enjoy it!


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