Wow. We’re a bit more than halfway through Acts and with every chapter so far, we are shown the great “acts” that God does and that fellow believers do as well as those that happen to non-believers and how they are transformed.

This reminds me of Laurel and I, what first inspired us to find our church. It was almost a year ago today and we’re looking for an Easter Egg hunt to take the kids, but also using this as an opportunity to check out local churches. Laurel is watching our pastor, Peter, give a sermon and calls me into the room to check him out. We really like how he is preaching the word, how relaxed both he and the church is and it’s growing on us by the minute. I get up to find something to write on and what do I pick up? A flyer from Hill Country Bible Church Leander talking about the Easter Egg hunt they’re doing and inviting us to check out the church! At that point, we looked at each other with that “whoa” expression and knew it was meant to be! Now, the Easter Egg hunt at the church got rained out, so we weren’t able to meet the people in the church that day, but we went the next Sunday and have been attending ever since.

I’m so glad, with a few minor “acts”, all of the signs were put in front of us, almost hitting us upside the head as if to say, “Hey! What do I gotta do here? GO TO THIS CHURCH!!” haha. We love our church, we love the people in it and it has strengthened our religious and faith more than anything I’ve ever known or felt. Thank you for finding us, HCBC, just as Paul and his disciples would find people and spread the word in Acts. Don’t ignore those signs, people, God has a plan for all of us individually and when things happen, you better be paying attention! 🙂

In other news, I’m over my stomach bug sickness that took me out for about 48 hours. The rest of the family caught it too and look to be recovering as well. Braeden and Julia (any maybe Mommy….I sure hope not) got pink eye on top of it, but as of Sunday night, everyone was looking more and more healthy. I had such a reserve of energy, I went out and ran about 3.6 miles that morning then rode my bike into work for the first time in probably 8-9 months (26 miles round trip). I probably should’ve eased into it a different way, but I had the energy…at least in the morning I had it. The ride home was pretty brutal and now, the next day, my knee is killing me. Oh well, it rained today so I’ll rest it and take it easy, not a whole lot of walking in an office job, thankful for that on rare occasions. I do wish they’d get to installing bike lanes and/or shoulders on these roads. It’s fun to cruise past everyone bumper to bumper, but scary when I have to ride about 6 inches away from them. Traffic sure has increased here within the past year.


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