Bible software on the iPad…

is going to ROCK! I would love to study the Bible on such a brightly lit screen with references to the different translations, pictures, maps, cross references, etc. Logos is already working on their version (and giving away an iPad a day). Pretty sweet if I ever get an iPad, this will be a good use for it (as will these accessories made by modulR (the car mount sold it for me):

I tried Bing for the first time ever because I thought there was a problem with Google (turns out, there was a problem with my wireless, easy fix), but the exploration was pretty cool as they had this as their homepage:

They have about 7 images you can use as a background for the search page, you can also download them to use for a desktop background. I can’t believe I’m actually liking something Microsoft is doing, but it was a pleasant surprise. The search results I got were of course, not enough to keep me coming back, but I may check out their site once a week just to check out the images and Easter Eggs within the images.

Of course, those who know me well know that this was enough to keep me from really ever going back:

But I’m sure I’ll tough it out…until they put a cephalopod on there…that will definitely be the last straw…

Just kidding. I love all of God’s creatures, although that doesn’t mean I can’t have my weird fears sometimes, right?

Lord, give me the strength and courage to face all of my fears. I put my trust in You and hope that you fill my heart with courage to face the day and the scary things that are out there (besides weird sea creatures) 🙂


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